Launching MOMSEI Cruise 2013

22 September 2013, in the Deck of RV. Baruna Jaya VIII (belongs to Indonesian Institute of Scince – LIPI), the launching of the “Monsoon Onset Monitoring and Its Social and Ecosystem Impacts” (MOMSEI) Cruise 2013 was held. The cruise was measuring oceanographic parameters in South Java Sea during upwelling period (23 September – 01 October 2013). MOMSEI is a joint research between Indonesia (Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research and Development – Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries R. Indonesia) and China (First Institute Oceanography – State Oceanic Administration P.R. China). During the ceremony, some important person give speeches, i.e: the Director of Research Center for Oceanography (P2O) LIPI Dr. Zainal Arifin (he is now, since 2015, as Deputy Chairman of LIPI for Earth Sciences), Director of Research and Development Center for Marine and Coastal Resources (P3SDLP) Dr. Budi Sulistiyo, and also The Captain of RV. Baruna Jaya VIII. MOMSEI Coordinator for China, Prof. Dr. Weidong Yu and I as MOMSEI Coordinator for Indonesia were also give some technical presentations. The cruise was start from Benoa Fishing Port in Bali and finish in Nizam Zachman Fishing Port in Jakarta.