GITEWS Annual Meeting at Potsdam 2009

German – Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS), has an annual meeting event, which always held in the city of Potsdam, near Berlin. Geo-Forschung-Zentrum (GFZ) as the host. In 18-19 May 2009, We, Tsunami Modeling Group at Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) for Polar & Marine Research, were attend to make a report about our progress of the development on tsunami scenario database using Tsunami Unstructured Finite Element Model Made by AWI (TsunAWI), and also I was report my progress in the thesis project of Adaptive Mesh Scheme. The Group were: Prof. Joern Behrens, Ph.D (Leader Group); Dr. Sven Harig; Dr. Alexey Androsov; Dipl.-Ing. Florian Klaschka; Dipl.-Ing. Claudia Wekerle; & Widodo Pranowo.